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Dominicans Doing Justice

The member congregations and provinces of the Dominican Leadership Conference engage in a broad range of actions and projects that create a more just and peaceful world. Through the Dominican Call to Justice, a document that outlines the issues and concerns we hold in common, Dominican men and women in the US hope for a better world.

Dominicans see the significance of the New Cosmology as the critical lens from which all preaching flows and all justice action emerge.

Therefore,  our work for justice and peace is situated within the context of care of creation.

The Iraq war and the strife between Israel and Palestine are difficult and perplexing problems.

As US citizens, we recognize that our voices are important individually in influencing public discourse and policy to bring forth peace.

Every congregation and province participates in some aspects of the Dominican Call to Justice.

Some are active in advocacy in bring an end to the death penalty, others work to end human trafficking. Still others are raising their voices towards debt relief for the poorest countries of the world, especially now at the time of this pandemic and the deadly coronavirus, Covid-19.

We Dominicans also advocate on the impact of Climate Change and invite others to join us in prayer on the UN Day of Peace, September 21st. The Dominicans also set aside December to pray and advocate on behalf of Dominicans that are in conflict over  peacemaking in their country. The Dominicans have raised up: Colombia, 2017 , Republic of Congo, 2018, India 2019 and Ukraine, 2020.

Our Dominican Brother Timothy Radcliffe, OP, Master General of the Order in 2003, spoke to the U.S. Dominicans on the invasion of Iraq in 2003 and challenged us as how we might respond to our Dominicans in Iraq. Thus, delegations of Dominicans began to go to Iraq as well as the “I have Family in Iraq” campaign heighted our awareness and Solidarity of prayer, education of sisters in the U.S. and delegations to Iraq. We are encouraged by the Pope’s announcement that he will go to Iraq in March 2021.

Each year a copy of the Dominican Call to Justice is distributed to the meetings electronically.  It is developed by the International Dominican Commission as well as the North American Promoters of Justice, Peace and Care of creation.

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