NYC Climate Week

This past week in New York was filled with activity. It was New York City Climate Week and the beginning of the SDG Climate Action Zone at the UN. It was filled with hope and beauty.  I got to walk all around the grounds inside the UN campus. It was exquisite.  I enjoyed every inch. I saw gardens, the memorial wall of the Berlin Wall, and the Peace Pool, the beautiful statue of our Dominican brother, Francisco Vitoria and the loveliest garden corner covered in trees for lunch. I want to bring my lunch to this special place.

I also got to tour the SDG Pavilion that was created just for this week.  Amazing heroes were selected for each SDG. A little door opened you to the story of one person who was engaged with that SDG. 

I also had the privilege of attending the opening of the film “The Agreement.” It was the story of how the SDGs were developed leading up to the adoption of Seventeen Development Goals in 2015.  It was very moving to see how the process unfolded and the facilitation of the agreement of the SDG’s. This was no small task to bring 193 nations together with one voice. I felt so privileged that I just walked into the tent pavilion and saw Agreement on the screen.  I knew I had to stay.  I’m so glad I did.  Three people were instrumental along with so many others that were able to bring the delegation to acceptance of the 17 SDGs. The facilitators were David Donoghue the Permanent Representative of Ireland to the UN, Macharia Kamau, Ambassador from Kenya, and Amina Mohammad who was the UN Secretary’s Special assistant. 

Here are a few photos from this historic week as well as the link to watch some of the SDG presentations that were given during the week. You’ll be inspired for sure.

One more thing that was exciting last week. We began the conversation with Dominican Global Girls Connect. It was amazing. Here is a screenshot we took of our first one-hour conversation with Dominican girls from Wisconsin, New Jersey, and Zimbabwe East Africa.  We meet again next month and we will keep you informed.

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